Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why I’m celebrating Earth Day

I think Earth Day in the past has left a bad taste in most farmers’ mouths because activists tend to use this day as a platform and a launch pad for their attacks on innovation and progress in the Ag industry. I can’t blame farmers in some ways.  Animal and anti-GMO activists are like that annoying mosquito who would rather be flattened with a belly full of your blood, than to have the sense to get what they need, leave a mark and move on to their next victim. See the latest on HSUS herehere and here.

So on a day when a farmer should truly be celebrated, they get eaten alive by people who have zero experience cultivating the land or raising livestock.  That can leave quite a lasting mark on someone who is typically very proud of their livelihood.

A beautiful evening during the 2014 planting season.
Even so, today is a day that is supposed to celebrate all of the resources we have the responsibility to care for, and I am proud to say that my family is a part of an industry and a population that is achieving the highest production in human history on less land all the while leaving a smaller footprint on the environment, nurturing our resources for the next generation and keeping our animals as comfortable and content as possible.

Very few professions are as in tune with and care as much for our earth as farmers do.  They wouldn’t be in the business or successful at it if they didn’t.  And with the vast majority of farms being family operated, farmers want to pass their heritage and livelihood down to the next generation in better shape than how they received it.

You can’t improve without innovation and progress.  And sometime change like that can be scary.  I’ve always been of the mindset that it’s good to question as it means your mind is working and you are thinking for yourself.  The only thing I ask of you is to look closely at your source of information, carefully discern what is news and what is opinion and talk to an expert before making up your mind.

I'm looking forward to Bobcat rides around
our waterways again this summer!
As for me and my family, it’s a treat to be a part of this innovation and progress.  We are thankful for the blessings God has bestowed on us and we take seriously our responsibility to leave the Earth in better shape for the next generation.  Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Until next time,


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PVC Glue on Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts

You can find PVC Glue at your local plumbing or
hardware store. 

Tuesday's Trick of the Trade

You may have noticed our Tricks of the Trade so far have focused on stainless steel and how to overcome the issues that arise when using the material.  While it’s not a producer’s goal to torment themselves and their help, the benefits of stainless steel certainly outweigh its headaches.

Today we're talking nuts and bolts... literally. We've all been in a situation where you are tightening or removing a stainless steel nut to/from a stainless steel bolt and even though they are both new, they seize together before you get anywhere, especially when using an impact wrench.

Here's a trick I’ve learned years back to prevent stainless steel threaded nuts and bolts from seizing.

PVC Glue (Cement)

Prior to threading on a stainless steel nut, apply a small amount of PVC glue to the first half of the threads with the brush.

Fasten the nut and go!

The glue helps lubricate, keeps the material cool and reduces friction, which prevents the nut from seizing onto the stud/bolt.

PVC Glue also works when you are trying to unfasten a previous stainless steel nut and bolt.  Apply the glue to the rest of the threads before removal.

Nut and bolt stayed cool to the touch and removed
easily with the PVC Glue.

Since Katie didn't believe me, I fastened and unfastened another bolt without the glue and the nut got hot and seized up on me before I could get it off.  A brother's favorite victory is proving his sister wrong!

Without the glue, the nut seized onto the bolt
and was hot to the touch.

We have used this on many projects and this is our go to when using stainless on stainless fasteners.

Have a great day,

- Ben