Thursday, January 28, 2016

PigEasy, LLC Awarded US Patent for MealMeter feed dispenser

Templeton, Iowa – January 28, 2016 –

PigEasy, LLC, a family owned company based in Templeton, Iowa, announced today it has received intellectual property protection in the form of patent US 9,220,236B2 for the premier product, the MealMeter feed dispenser. This new patent was awarded on December 29, 2015 to PigEasy founder Dave Klocke by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The MealMeter feed dispenser is an ad lib feeding device that is able to be inserted into the drop feed tube in a breeding barn or via the PigEasy set up in lactation for the pork industry.  The MealMeter is used by numerous pork producers throughout the United States and is sold through PigEasy and a number of national dealerships.

MealMeter feed dispenser
Developed over three years ago by lifetime pork producer and PigEasy President Dave Klocke, the MealMeter feed dispenser promotes feed consumption for sows and gilts at critical points in their reproductive cycle, which increases production and condition and health of the animal. “In our sow farm we discovered that allowing the gilt or sow the time and control to consume the feed she wants when she wants it prior to being bred and in lactation, we have a herd that is in optimal uniform condition, which subsequently increases litter production as well as the overall herd health and longevity.”

In addition to the MealMeter, PigEasy, LLC offers a complete line of innovative products focused on increasing pig production and operational efficiency.  All products are developed and used in Klocke’s own sow farm near Templeton.

For more information on the MealMeter feed dispenser and PigEasy, LLC, visit or call 1-888-354-0112.


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Thursday, January 7, 2016

See you at the show!

2015 South Dakota Pork Congress

Every year, it seems that January hits us like a ton of bricks no matter how organized we (think we) are... 2016 trade show season is here! 

2015 Midwest Pork Conference Booth
The PigEasy booth will feature some new products and some old products with new features.  As always, we look forward to meeting new producers in addition to catching up with our old customers.

MealMeter with Stainless Steel Nose
maximizes durability.
The MealMeter has always been a main focus in the PigEasy booth, as it will continue to be. We love hearing how much labor it saves and how it brings your production to the next level. The MealMeter is showing off an updated nose piece and we now offer a stainless steel nose piece option for maximum durability.

PigEasy Farrowing Crate
After testing it out and adding features in the Klocke Farms operation, we are proud to showcase the PigEasy Farrowing Crate.  Our most popular feature would have to be the flip over head gate. Yep, that's right... not flip out... FLIP OVER. No longer will you have to maneuver around feeders on the floor. No longer will you deal with water spraying back at you or dirty water settling in the bottom of the bowl. This flip over feature makes the difficult job of washing out a room (Pig)easy and convenient!

Chuck-It Bucket
Lastly, we're here to please - the Chuck-It Bucket will now be offered in galvanized steel. This economical option makes it an easy choice when deciding how to best handle mortalities and afterbirth.

As always, we have a lot going on in our booth and are excited to catch up with you. Check out our schedule below and make sure to stop by wherever you plan to attend!

South Dakota Pork Congress - Booth #115

  • January 13 - 14 · Ramkota Exhibit Hall - Sioux Falls, SD

Minnesota Pork Congress - Booth #641

  • January 19 - 20 · Minneapolis Convention Center - Minneapolis, MN

Iowa Pork Congress - Booth #122

  • January 27 - 28 · Iowa Events Center - Des Moines, IA

Missouri Pork Expo

  • February 9 · Holiday Inn Executive Center - Columbia, MO

2015 Missouri Pork Expo

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