Wednesday, June 10, 2015

World Pork Expo Reflections

The PigEasy Booth was located on the southwest wall
of the Varied Industries Building.

As you saw in Katie’s prior blog post, the World Pork Expo has been a family interest for years.  I now have a different perspective on the other side of the booth.

Beyond the planning and organizing prior to, the “move in” day becomes a group effort.

One of my favorite moments was watching this man with his young boy work together in preparing his booth.  First the young boy was directing his Dad in parking his trailer.  Then they both made trips carrying and pulling in various items for their booth (and the young boy had such a serious task-driven look on his face).  The next time I saw them, they were laughing and high fiving each other.  Each moment brought back memories of our kids working with us.  Made my heart swell.

So on the other side of the booth, you realize what it takes to be a vendor. For PigEasy, third time was a charm.  With the debut of our PigEasy products, the first couple of years the attendees were like buying a car –“kicking the tires and looking it over”.  This year, it was exciting to talk to those that have used our products and to people with a real intent.

We couldn't do it without our leadership!
It is great to see familiar faces and spend time with them – vendors and attendees.  The food was excellent, the weather turned out great, and the attendance was a constant buzz of people.  I was in a mother’s dream – all four kids were able to attend; one spouse (the other was out of state dutifully serving our country), my brother and sister-in-law, our PigEasy Board members and spouses, and employees.

As we pulled away from the four days of the Expo 2015, it made me wonder – will that young son join his Dad in his business like Ben and Katie did with us. Makes my heart swell!

- Karen