Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Feature: Ben & Mitch

This summer, Klocke Farms and PigEasy were fortunate to add a couple members to the team. Their involvement with PigEasy varies, but as with everyone else in our operation, they are a part of just about everything.  

Welcome to PigEasy and Klocke Farms, Ben and Mitch!

Ben Klocke and Mitch Tiefenthaler began working for Klocke Farms and PigEasy this summer.


No, this is not my brother Ben that I’m talking about here, and yes, there have been some confusing moments.

Ben Klocke (the other Ben Klocke in Carroll County!) started working with Klocke Farms in July.

We knew early on that one of the Bens would need a nickname. After much deliberation, Ben Klocke (new Ben Klocke) accepted the nickname of “FJ”. Can anyone guess what “FJ” stands for? Let’s have an informal contest; the first one who figures it out and comments below gets a free t-shirt! (Karen says keep it clean!)

Ben’s main focus is Klocke Farms’ day to day tasks, but does help with PigEasy production.


Mitch joined the team in August and hit the ground running getting up to speed with PigEasy operations and products in addition to taking part in Klocke Farms.  While Mitch has spent a lot of his first few months in a tractor helping with harvest, he has taken on the role of PigEasy inventory, order management and shipping. 

Post-harvest, Mitch’s main focus will be PigEasy; we look forward to streamlining our system with Mitch’s help!

Now that we are finished with harvest, we often look back and wonder how the heck we did it all without these guys.

Have a great weekend,