The Klocke Family

It all started on June 9, 1983.

On that early summer day, Dave and Karen tied the knot and began their lives together in western Iowa. Their family soon grew as it continues to with four kids, two son-in-laws, one grandson and three grandpuppies.

While the family grew in the early days, so did the farming operation. Today, Klocke Farms consists of a 2700 head sow operation in addition to growing corn and soybeans.

In the early 2000s, Dave came up with an idea for a hands free device to AI sows. He soon realized this was a marketable product and began to sell them through a number of distributors. PigEasy, LLC was formed a decade later when additional products were developed.

Just as it is with Klocke Farms, PigEasy is a family affair. Dave and Karen Klocke, along with children Ben and Katie, are working operators. You may even see children Mary and Ross, son-in-laws Clint and Nick, and grandson Evan at various trade shows and company events.

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